About Simon

Qualifications and Interests

Counselling and Psychotherapy Qualifications

Master of Science in Medicine (Psychotherapy) from University of Sydney.

Bachelor of Counselling and Human Change (Psychotherapy) from Jansen Newman Institute, Sydney, NSW.

Levels 1 & 2 – Completed training in Gottman Method Couples TherapyThe Gottman Institute. Trainers Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Gottman.

Other Qualifications

Ongoing Education

  • Jan 2016: Completed three years MSc in Psychotherapy at University of Sydney in the Westmead Psychotherapy Program for Complex Traumatic Disorders

Community Work

Professional Affiliations

Full Member of The Australian Association of Buddhist Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Interests and Personal Details

Therapy and coaching are my second career after 40 years in the commercial world.  My aim and ambition is to bring the experience of those 40 years into therapy for the benefit of my clients.

Though I qualified as a psychotherapist in 2009, my deep interest, reading and involvement in various aspects of personal growth and personal change have been constant since the early 1970s.    I have been a dedicated practitioner of meditation in Buddhist and Vedanta traditions for 40 years.  I’ve also attended group and individual therapy as a client for over 1000 hours over 40 years.  Some of my deepest pleasures have arisen doing therapy with clients as they see that they are indeed beginning to change.

I’m an amateur musician playing contemporary jazz in a few of its forms, with a dash of Bluegrass. I love sports and follow international cricket during the summer and NRL in winter.  My reading includes the Journal of Consciousness Studies and a wide range in areas of consciousness studies, philosophy of mind and human evolution.  These areas seem to shed a useful light on our common human position which is at the centre of our attention in counselling and therapy.  I’ve also trained in several martial arts from Tai Chi and Aikido to Karate and Thai Boxing since my twenties and am now doing Crossfit as much as an aging body will tolerate, walking and home gym exercises.

My in-person teachers in Buddhism and meditation include Subhana Barzaghi, Patrick Kearney, Stephen and Martine Batchelor, Rodney Smith, B. Alan Wallace and numerous others via their written work.

I’ve retired from a successful 42 year career in Information Technology in both corporate and government organisations  ranging in size from fewer than 20 employees to many thousands.

I’m fortunate to have a wife and friends who bear my sense of humour with occasionally strained patience.

Please feel free to call me on 0427 405 832 for a free, 10 minute chat to see if we can work together or Email me.

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