Counselling and Therapy

Counselling and Therapy can be useful if:

  • You have difficulty in private or work relationships
  • You question the meaning of your life
  • You find some emotions or emotional situations hard to deal with
  • You feel stuck
  • You are often anxious, often sad or often angry
  • You are finding it difficult getting over a loss, setback or a painful experience

Safe and Supportive

I’ll work with you first to build a safe and supportive relationship.  It’s from this base that we can approach and work with the emotional difficulties or life problems that are causing you distress, whether that’s anger, sadness, hurt or loneliness.  My aim in working with you, supporting you and challenging you to the extent that you say feels right for you, is that you become more and more able to find your way through your difficulties, emotionally intellectually and spiritually.

If this sounds useful to you please call me on 0427 405 832 for a free, 10 minute chat to see if we can work together or Email me.

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