Developmental and Life Coaching

Developmental Coaching is useful where:

  • You find that your familiar ways of being with people are becoming unsatisfactory
  • Your familiar beliefs or ways of thinking are not as convincing to you as they used to be
  • Your familiar ways of behaving, often with friends, are starting to feel like they don’t fit you anymore
  • You have moved into a new position at work in which your old ways don’t fit well enough

There is a widely held belief that, once we have become an adult somewhere between 20 – 25, we’re grown up and don’t change much after that except for the process of ageing.  This is a myth.  There are developmental paths, both cognitive and social/emotional, that can continue through adulthood and journeys on them are characterised by feelings of “growing out of” old ways like the examples above.

We can work together to identify your growing edges, whether in your private life, your work life or both, and to develop a program to help you find your way through the challenging, exhilarating and often painful experience of developing as a more complete human being.

If this sounds interesting please call me on (02) 8005 4852 or 0427 405 832 for a free, 10 minute chat to see if we can work together or Email me.

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